Welcome to The Shyft Group.

Our new name and renewed focus reflects the action, speed, and agility we offer the commercial vehicle
industry through our growing roster of dynamic brands — Utilimaster, Royal Truck Body, Strobes-R-Us,
Spartan RV Chassis, and Builtmore Contract Manufacturing.

The Shyft Group uniquely combines in-depth industry knowledge, engineering and manufacturing
expertise, and purposeful innovation to deliver job-enhancing, efficiency-driving, ever-reliable products
and services. Our consultative sales approach and adaptive production systems unearth opportunities for
continuous improvement, resulting in cost-effective product solutions that better meet today’s demands
and tomorrow’s needs. In sum, with Shyft Group you will find a culture centered on the customer and
driven to deliver the most well-designed and reliable specialty vehicle solutions in the industry.

While our name has changed, what drives us has not. Now more than ever, when you do business with
Shyft Group you will find an innovative and evolving organization that is driven to more effectively deliver
goods and services in today’s and tomorrow’s marketplaces.



Purpose-built technology for the road ahead.



To provide the tools and technologies to safely and efficiently deliver people, packages, and services where they’re needed most.


The Shyft Group is an innovative team focused on empowering our customers to achieve their business objectives, do their jobs and complete their tasks safely and efficiently, and enjoy their adventures. We accomplish this by engineering, crafting, and delivering premium highly specialized vehicles and corresponding services at a competitive price. This value-based approach inspires customer enthusiasm and loyalty. This drives long-term profitable growth and a sense of personal achievement for all stakeholders.

Our core values


The Shyft Group’s road to success is paved with the honesty and integrity of our people. How we interact with team members, partners, customers, vendors, and others reflects directly on our company and who we are as people. We owe it to our shareholders, our brand, and ourselves to behave ethically, to be upfront with those we work with, and to be proud of what we’re building together.

Do what’s right every time.


The road to a better Shyft Group runs through YOU. That means accepting responsibility for your actions, your performance and outcomes, and expecting the same from other team members. Passing the buck, ignoring problems, or turning a blind eye to issues or inconsistencies doesn’t help you, co-workers, or our company.

Own it.


We must trust one another to do what’s right, alert others when something is wrong, and push to continuously improve our product, process, and our company. Being trustworthy earns us the right to speak our minds and do what’s best for the business, our customers, and our shareholders, without questioning our integrity.

With trust comes empowerment.


The road to continuous improvement relies on individuals with specific roles that work together to make our end product and our company’s path forward the best it can be. Always asking how we can make the performance of our department, our lines, and ourselves more effective. Let’s work every day to ensure that The Shyft Group delivers products that pave the way to better rescues, better adventures, and better efficiencies for those we serve.

Improving never ends.