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At Shyft, it is incumbent upon us to assure that our operations are conducted in a manner that is both consistent with our ESG programs and supportive of the entire community in which we operate. Our Board and senior leadership actively support and promote sound corporate governance and risk management across the Company. This culture of accountability, integrity and transparency affirms our unwavering commitment to building sustainable value.

Governance & Ethics

Shyft is committed to achieving excellence in our corporate governance practices. We emphasize a culture of accountability and conduct our business in a manner that is fair, ethical, and responsible to earn the trust of our stakeholders. Our Code of Conduct together with our comprehensive corporate governance policies and structures foster accountability and transparency across the Shyft team. The Code and these policies reflect our underlying commitment to maintain the highest standards of ethics and integrity and to operate our business in compliance with all applicable laws.

Risk Management

Shyft recognizes that effectively managing risk is critically important to the long-term success of our business. The Board has oversight responsibility regarding the assessment of the major risks inherent in our business. Accordingly, the Board reviews management’s initiatives to address and mitigate risks, including strategic, regulatory, compliance, operational, financial, reputational, and cybersecurity. The Board reviews risk in the context of discussions and management reports at each regular Board meeting.

Data Security

The primary goal of our data security program is to maintain cybersecurity defenses with capabilities that are best in class within our industry. We use examination guidelines, frameworks, and privacy laws to guide us in consistently meeting legal and regulatory requirements. We are committed to safeguarding data and raising security awareness related to cybersecurity risks, adhering to applicable state and federal privacy regulations, and applying sound data management practices.

We have built a strong culture of cybersecurity at the Shyft Group. Shyft requires cybersecurity awareness training for all employees and we have seen positive improvements across all departments of the company. Shyft employees are vigilant when it comes to spotting suspicious activity and notifying our IT staff immediately. Our employees are our first line of defense and they do an amazing job.

Jason Brown, CISSP, CDPSE

Security Manager