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At the Shyft Group, Safety is Our Mission

Welcome to The Shyft Group. Our proactive safety culture is fundamental to every operation, ensuring that all employees, visitors, and partners
experience high standards of safety.

Our Mission:

Zero Incidents, Zero Injuries, Every Job, Every Day

Mission Zero is more than our safety program;
It’s our commitment to creating a workplace without accidents.

Why Mission Zero?

Employee Empowerment

At The Shyft Group, every employee is a ‘Safety Agent’, responsible for maintaining a safe environment. This role promotes personal responsibility and collective vigilance.

Enhanced Safety Culture

Safety is our consideration, not an afterthought, Mission Zero aims to weave safety into the very fabric of our operations, making it a natural aspect of our workflow.

Education and Awareness

We commit to continuously training our team on the best safety practices. Our compressive approach ensures that everyone is prepared to help achieve our zero-incident goal.

Community and CollaborationĀ 

Safety is a collective responsibility. We foster open communication and collaboration, ensuring that safety is always a priority.

muted color poster of fireman for mission zero safety campaign by The Shyft Group

Accept the Mission & Join Us on This Journey

We invite you to participate in our safety culture. Whether you’re a team member, a partner, orĀ  a visitor, your involvement is vital. Together, we can create a workplace with zero incidents and injuries.