Code of Ethics


Trust, integrity, honesty and respect

The Shyft Group believes that a fundamental ingredient of business success is that all personnel conduct themselves with basic honesty and integrity. The Shyft Group is dedicated to the quality of its products, the satisfaction of its customers and the well-being of its associates. The Company’s commitment to caring extends to the way in which we conduct our business and treat one another.


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Corporate Governance Principles

In recognition of our responsibility to uphold the vision and values of The Shyft Group, Inc., to improve individual Director and Board effectiveness, and to better serve our stakeholders, The Shyft Group, Inc. Board of Directors has adopted this set of governance principles.

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Corporate Governance Nominating Committee charter

The Committee shall identify and recommend for nomination or selection by the Board of Directors individuals qualified to become directors for each vacancy that occurs and for each election of directors.

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Human Resources and Compensation Committee charter

Overseeing matters relating to the compensation of the Company’s Board of Directors and the Company’s executives.

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Audit Committee charter

Assisting the oversight relating to the Company’s financial and accounting systems, the qualification and independence of outside auditors, and legal and regulatory compliance and ethics issue.

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Submit a compliance concern directly to our Compliance Officer, anonymously.


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